The Docklands

Today was a very action packed day in Dublin. We had breakfast at chorus cafe, walked over to Trinity College, met with Dr. Darren Kelly, a college professor, and then ended with a site visit to the Google European Headquarters. Something that stood out to me was the things Dr. Kelly had said. He shared his own personal history and related it to the growth ofIreland.

To get a visual representation, we were showed a picture of what the Docklands area used to looked like, then walked to see what it looks like today. The area used to be basically nothing, but now contains Google headquarters, LinkedIn, Facebook, apartment complexes, and much more. Dr. Kelly mentioned a couple different reasons as to why this economic growth has occurred in Ireland. Majority of the people working in Ireland used to be blue collared workers and are now a majority of white collared workers. Dr. Kelly has said this may be because people in Ireland were brought up to be more creativity in learning, thinking outside the box, to be rule breakers, and know how to “play the game”. Some of this I agree with, but some of it I disagree.

As far as Ireland people being able to “play the game” in business, I do not agree that it is because where they are from. I think anyone from any background can learn how to talk to people, be persuasive, or know how to get what they want. I’ve heard of many people getting far in the business world having those skills from America and I’m sure there are many people like this around the world. I believe this comes from personal experience and practice, not from type of ethnicity.

Although, I do agree that people brought up in Ireland may have different educational experience growing up, causing them to think more creatively as they get older. Personally, growing up, I remember always having set rules or guidelines regarding homework, projects, and tests so I wasn’t surprised when Dr. Kelly said American students are always asking him specific questions about papers and if there’s a rubric. I would not say as an American that our education system completely lacked chance to be creative, but there are times I think we could have had more opportunity to think outside the box.

Overall, the tour Dr. Kelly gave us was very interesting to see how much the area has changed. It was also cool to see how much construction was still going on so I would love to get the chance to see the Docklands again in maybe 5 years or so to see how much of a difference there will be.

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