Day 10: Let’s Tango

We started today by visiting a community health center, Conin Tigre. This was the same municipality as the places we visited yesterday; however, the area we were in today was completely different than the area we were at yesterday. Yesterday, we were at a yacht club for lunch, the houses were very beautiful and spacious, and no one seemed to be struggling financially. Today, we volunteered at a health center where 70% of the children that are taken care of are underweight.  Most of the mothers are very young and cannot afford to feed or take care of children.

This great divide between the rich and the poor in this municipality is not good, but in my opinion, inequality is inevitable in any society. From what I saw today and yesterday, I think globalization is a contribution to inequality. Globalization is typically seen as a positive to society. It generates advancement in technology, education, and healthcare. Globalization also creates easier access to technology and information which should lead to a decrease in the gap between the wealthy and the poor. However, people in poverty cannot access the new advancements and information; which creates a further divide between the rich and the poor.

At the health center, I played with the children there. They were absolutely adorable and despite the economic and financial situation that the children are in, I could see that children everywhere have the ability to have fun with whatever they have. The visit made me grateful for my life and what I have in it, but it was eye-wakening to see that people are living in such a difficult financial state. I think it is really beautiful that this municipality does offer community centers to help the malnutrition and give care for the children.

After this visit, we had lunch then headed off to the tango lesson. When we got to the studio, it seemed very vacant and dark. We all thought it was closed, but we were able to go in and saw a group rehearsing. Their dance was very intense, but our lesson was very basic and really fun. I enjoyed dancing with everyone, and my partner, Elgin, was quite a natural at tango.

Tomorrow, we have a lecture and then we get to spend the day at La Boca. I have been wanting to go to La Boca so tomorrow should be another fun day!

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