Kids and Tango

Today was a long but very good day. We went to a community center for mothers and children where we were able to play with the children which was a lot of fun. After that we went to lunch and walked around the neighborhood for a little bit, before heading to our tango lesson which was also a lot of fun.

Going to Tigre these past two days have been extremely eye opening. In some areas of the islands, some houses looked very nice and they owned boats and yachts, some houses just looked regular, and some houses looked very poor. The houses that I saw today on our walk during the visit to the clinic showed me just how little they have and how much they need. We only saw about four women and each of them were pregnant. The families are all very young and a pattern develops in the family where the mother doesn’t know how to take care of their child because they are still so young themselves. This is not a problem that I saw on our boat ride to the community center in Tigre, or on the drive to the public hospital in the mainland. This sort of inequality is bad because there are so many people who are struggling and aren’t able to afford a sustainable lifestyle or proper care for their family. The only way that I see this type of inequality being good is because the taxes of the wealthy are helping cover the poor’s health. Because the mainland has people with more money, the municipality and province in turn has more money that goes to the public hospital in the area. This is one reason why the public hospital we saw yesterday for women and children was so nice.

Globalization can decrease inequality in the way that it comes with more information and better technology that can be uses in communities and hospitals. However, globalization does a lot more to create and sustain inequality than to decrease it. As globalization increases and exports grow along with foreign investment, issues with currency also increase. The value of the Argentine peso destroys the poor in a lot of ways. Globalization also increases the gap between the rich and the poor because majority of its benefits go to the rich and not the lower classes who it may seem like needs it more.

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