Day 10: Lost in Venice

Today was the day I was most excited for, our trip to Venice. After a quick breakfast at the hotel we headed to the train station to travel to Venice. The train ride was a lot of fun, looking out the window it was nice to see the more rural side of Italy. After a short train ride we finally arrived in Venice. From there we took a water taxi to which was a lot of fun even though the water was a little choppy. It was a little colder than I hoped it would be especially when the wind started to blow.

After our water taxi, we went on gondola rides. Though the wind was strong and it was a little cold, this was one of my favorite activities in Italy so far. It is something I have always wanted to do, so to be given the opportunity to was amazing. Once we were in the canals the water was much calmer and the ride was so peaceful, and gave me the ability to truly admire Venice. It is such a beautiful city, and so different from the major cities in the United States. Instead of destroying the old building to make new ones, all of the buildings are preserved and so is the history.

We then went on a walking tour of Venice, which I found incredibly interesting. Venice is made up of around 120 islands that were all artificially made, and each island has at least one church. It is also built on the largest lagoon in the Mediterranean, and this lagoon is special because it still communicates with the sea, so water is constantly flowing in and out, the tide changing every six hours. The symbol of the winged lion on the Venice flag is the most important symbol of Venice. Something that I did not know is that Venice has a large Jewish population, because this was one of the few places where they were not persecuted. The few jews that were deported were written down and there names are written for all to see and remember.

After the tour we were set free to explore Venice until our train came to take us back to Verona. I highly suggest randomly walking around in Venice and getting lost in the city. It is truly the best way to explore a city and will provide you with memories that will last a lifetime. Getting lost allowed me to fully embrace what Venice had to offer, and experience it in a completely new way. In the United States it is there is much less history., so it was incredible to see all of the old buildings that make up Venice, and know that each house and building has its’ own interesting story.

I wish we had more time in Venice because there is so much to see, but I am excited to see what tomorrow brings and what new adventures await me.

Fino ad allora, buonanotte!

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