Day 10: Tigre pt. 2

Although I was sick today our group visited another community health center in Tigre. After discussing further with my group members, they informed me that this visit was very different from the one we saw the previous day. This was due to the extremely high level of poverty in the area. My colleagues explained that the center was funded only by donations and had a different focus than the center from the previous day. The focus of this community center was largely on family planning and childcare. In this area, a concerning number of young girls are becoming pregnant without the knowledge and resources they need to have a healthy child and family. The other problems that this specific center is concerned with are dealing with things we consider to be basic needs and limit the way the center can provide for other issues.

This level of inequality between the two areas is not just limited to Tigre, it is seen widely throughout Buenos Aires and all of Argentina. This is a very bad thing because it can be so limiting to the people living within the conditions of poverty. In these communities, once someone is living in poverty it becomes increasingly harder to escape it without having the basic needs of life fulfilled. As the group saw today these centers are trying to enable people within the communities to fulfill the basic needs of health to then go on to prosper in other areas of life.

Globalization also adds to this inequality. Globalization can allow for greater innovation and opportunities in new areas. This can be a very positive thing or in some cases, very negative. Although it can allow for new opportunities, these are typically only available for people already above the poverty line or already in developed areas. This can create an even greater divide in the level of equality in these areas.

On the other hand, globalization overtime can have some positives. These could be a result of a newly sustained society being able to bring more attention to areas like the one in Tigre where there is great help needed. With globalization there is more opportunity for help to be brought in from other areas that are also prospering. Overall, this seems like it would have been a very eye-opening day and I am sad to have had to miss it.

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