Enjoying the City Life from Shanghai

Day nine was our first full day in Shanghai. Yesterday we traveled by bullet train to Shanghai. It took about the same amount of time as the first train we took, six hours. Once we arrived yesterday, we went to dinner at a pizza restaurant. We ate multiple kinds of pizza, French fries, and wings. It was the first time we have eaten something other than traditional Chinese food since we have been here. After dinner we got to enjoy the lights from the city on a river cruise. It was really cool to experience seeing the city for the first time at night on the water. The reflection on the water from the different color lights really made the city pop. 

Today we had another full day planned. First, we enjoyed breakfast in the hotel. This breakfast had even more options than the last two hotels. Then, we made our way to our second University visit of the trip. We were invited to visit East China University of Science and Technology. This University was founded in 1952 and has three campuses. East China University of Science and Technology is ranked among the top 550 University in the world. This University, specifically, has played a key role in China’s modernization in the past years. The first thing we did when we arrived at the campus is took a tour of the campus. The campus did not feel like it was located right in the middle of a major city. Then we listened to a Professor give a lecture on how to do business in China. The professor told us the basic requirements needed to start a business in China. A few of the requirements needed to start a business in China are shareholders, capital, a design, and a building to have your company in. The professor also told us about the free trade zone in China. China launched a pilot free trade zone in Shanghai in 2003. China has 19 free trade agreements while the US has 20 agreements. After the lecture we ate lunch in the cafeteria with a group of current graduate students.

 After we finished lunch, we heard from a current student at the University that moved to China from Alabama. It was interesting to hear what he thought his experience would be like compared to what it actually turned out to be. After we finished up at the University, we traveled to the Shanghai Urban Planning Museum. 

This museum had displays of how the city of Shanghai has developed and changed over the past 50 years. There was a full display of the current city which was really neat to see everything that is around us. The buildings have changed so much and so quickly. Twenty years ago, there were barely any skyscrapers in the city. After the museum we went to dinner at a restaurant near the hotel. We ate more traditional food for dinner. Next, we went to the acrobatics show. The show was very exciting, but different types of acts than I expected. Lastly, we went back to the hotel to get ready for another busy day tomorrow. 

Picture from the museum
Display of Shanghai at the museum

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