Stops Along Supply Chains!

“How do goods get from Point A to Point B?” While this question is complicated by political, economic, social, and technological factors, most goods possess a great similarity: moving through a supply chain! I find supply chains interesting due to the practicality of industry objectives to increase efficiency and goals to satisfy the upstream, or even downstream processes. Traveling to an industrial hub in Korea, the City of Ulsan, I was able to visit a manufacturing site for Hyundai Heavy Industries, and an intermediary at Jinsan Marine Management. Hyundai Heavy Industries is a division of the Hyundai Group, and serves as the world’s largest shipbuilding company with a 10% market share in the industry. While established in 1972, Hyundai Heavy Industries is consistently innovating the shipbuilding process, especially with an increasing global expectation for fuel-efficient vessels. I was most impressed by the safety standards and regulation of these construction sites to ensure a quality vessel is produced in a secure environment for workers. It was interesting to investigate another aspect of the supply chain, the Jinsan Marine Management site, a facilitator in the exportation of tools and materials for ships. Jinsan Marine Management contains impressive warehouse facilities, but the most unique part of this site visit was that it was lead by company President, Seog-Gu Gang. Seog-Gu Gang has been with Jinsan Marine Management since its founding in 1990, and only took 2 days off per year from 1990-1997 to establish Jinsan as one of the top 3 marine suppliers in Korea. This insight provided me with a greater appreciation for the company’s values, and declaration that experience is the organization’s competitive advantage. As an adjunct faculty member at Ulsan University, Seog-Gu Gang emphasized to the Plus3 Korea Program a view that has become a common theme during this study abroad experience: we may lie in Korea, but we think globally. Therefore, as I continue on in my daily life I will have these experiences to reflect upon the dedication that leads to successful supply chain management, and provides me with a good that has went from Point A to Point B.

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