Hey, Hyundai!

Hyundai Motors has a distinct brand identity, known for providing safe, quality vehicles. This craft could easily be considered an art. In fact, the designs of Hyundai have been considered art, with the company partnering with museums to showcase the craftsmanship of the automobile. This strong brand identity and commitment to excellence made visiting the Hyundai Motors Ulsan Plant an exciting opportunity for the Plus3 Program. In the classroom at the University of Pittsburgh, professors have provided extensive explanations from their knowledge, and even experience with the manufacturing process in teaching concepts related to product supply chains. This lecture based content allowed me to make envision processes; however, I was shocked by the efficiency, yet lack of automation while visiting the assembly line of Hyundai Motors in person. Hyundai Motors has found the ideal combination of technological innovation and human engineering to successfully operate 20 factories in 8 different countries. I think a significant aspect of these impressive operations can be attributed to the accommodating organizational culture of Hyundai Motors. At the Ulsan Plant, physicians are provided on-site for employees that may become unwell on the job, and 3 meals a day are offered to employees. Notably, all assembly lines halt production for 40 minutes late in the morning so it is ensured that employees do not work through lunch time. Another unique aspect of Hyundai is a corporate social responsibility commitment to sustainability, wherein peacocks are raised and protected at the Ulsan Plant. Thus, with an organizational culture promoting wellness in the workforce and in society, Hyundai is able to excel in many engagements. This even includes maintaining the United States as the plant’s number one export country! From the Hyundai Motors visit, the fast pace of the Korean professional environment was reflected, as were the new initiatives being adopted by the society in an attempt to build a better future for workers.

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