Last Day in Verona: Consortium and Sunsets

Another day of cold rainy Pittsburgh weather, ugh! The tour guide keeps saying that this weather is rare for May. We only had one company visit today, and then we had the entire afternoon and evening free. In the morning, we walked to Consorzio Della Moda with our translator who we met the other day at the New Academy of Design. She lives here and gave us suggestions on places to eat and hangout! Advice from the locals is helpful and we often times end up having a better meal when the restaurant is recommended. The Consortium visit was very interesting! The consortium is a group of 48 Italian companies who came together to create a network, as there is strength in numbers. We discussed the many benefits of being a member of the consortium such as opportunity to receive state money for small businesses, a widened international scope, and access to resources through connections.

The company that we visited yesterday, Mero & More, is a member of the consortium. After the visit we got lunch at a quick-serve place near our hotel which had chicken and French fries. It felt slightly wrong to eat American food, but it was SO delicious and much needed. We all enjoyed lunch and spent the afternoon relaxing. In the evening we got another quick-serve meal at a pasta place. It was another delicious meal and I saved a lot of money! Then, we met the rest of the group at a beach on the river which we spotted from a bridge on our walking tour. We all watched the sunset over the water and enjoyed the company of each other.

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