6 Delays, 1 Cancellation, but Life is Good

Yes. Six delays and one cancellation. This coming after a 12-hour flight from Korea.

But what else can I say? Life is good.

I’m alive, I have snacks, and I have internet.

Currently, I am still at the Dallas airport. It’s 4:44 am. Some Philadelphia people have gotten off the waitlist and are finally boarding. Good for them. I’m genuinely happy for them.

Jetlag is really at work because I was only able to sleep for a bit till I woke up around 2 am and couldn’t fall back asleep. I’m pretty awake now, which means I am definitely going to be exhausted later.

This blog is supposed to be about our journey back so let me start from the beginning. I woke up with thirty minutes before we had to leave, so I gulped down my last breakfast in Korea for a while, then sped to change clothes and pack up any other little things still around. After everyone was finally settled in the bus, we headed out our long bus ride. I was unable to sleep for a while, so that was unfortunate.

Let me take a break to reflect on Korea. On the bus ride, it was really beautiful to see the many mountains and lush green trees that covered them. The mountaintops shrouded in fog gives off a sense of mystery, sparking in tourists and foreigners curiosity to explore this country. I do want to go back to Korea one day, and maybe even several times, because there is so much more I can explore.

Back to the bus trip.

We got some milkshakes on one of the rest stops, but although it was quite sweet, my tummy was quite upset on the way to the airport. Before we knew it, we were on our 12-hour flight. I was in the middle seat, and I had many tummy problems on the flight – I think my digestive system needs a break from Korean food for a while. I wasn’t able to sleep as much as I wanted on the flight, and I was exhausted and dizzy when we finally arrived.

The Dallas airport is pretty though.

And then came customs. Which was a chaotic, long process that I am not going into. I was happy though! Because I was on US soil once again. Being back in the states, even if it wasn’t my home state, felt good.

But now this brings us to where we are now. At Dallas airport. Waiting for my flight to Chicago.

On the sky-bus to my terminal.

I’m in no rush. Life is good. I had a great time in Korea, and I’m not alone at this airport – shoutout to the Philly kids and Jordan.

Nevertheless, I am ready to be home!

I am tired though.

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