Fun and Farewells

There are so many words I could choose from to compose an alliteration for my blog title today: Friday, friends, free time, farewell, food, feelings, fun. I chose “fun” and “farewells” because today was full of fun, but at the end of it all was our farewell dinner in which we wrapped things up.

Friday started off calm. We had breakfast, then I met up with my group in order to finish up our group project. Then we headed off to Hyundae Beach in small groups, each of us taking a taxi in order to avoid the stress that came along with taking other forms of public transformation. It was a bit of a drive because of traffic, but we were in no rush. Today was to be a relaxing day.

Although we were separated and had to find each other, we soon met up together at the beach and soon we reached the chill Friday vibes we wanted. It was a little cloudy, but the sun peeked its head out occasionally. The sand felt good under our toes, and although I only dipped in once, the freezing water was refreshing and a good wake-up call.


After a few photoshoots on the beach (Emma really wanted a perfect picture haha), we decided to get lunch at Thursday Party Burgers and Pasta. It had been a while since I sunk my teeth into a hefty burger. For our dessert, I got a vanilla ice cream cone drizzled with honey.

Thursday Burger at Thursday Party.
Honey with ice cream is delicious.

It was our last dinner together, and we were treated well to a private buffet. I made sure to try a lot, and there was salmon, my favorite fish! There were also interesting desserts, like a Korean mango dessert, which I wasn’t really a huge fan of, but it was an interesting consistency.

Dr. Yun wrote us all sweet cards too, and I had my Korean friend translate it for me. One of the things during the farewell dinner that touched me was what one of the Asia Institute guides said. Jane said that she had been on many tours before, but this was the first one where she was told to “be happy.” That really made me happy to hear. I hope our guides do remember to be happy.

Dear reader, being happy is really important. I am very appreciative of the time I was given here. I made friends here and met really cool people, and I got visit this beautiful country. Make sure to make the most your life, because life is good.

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