40 Hours Later

The last day is finally here and wow it was long. Today it was time to travel back home. We woke up early to get on the bus because we had to drive all the way back to Seoul from Busan. It was about a 5 hour bus ride from Busan to the Incheon International Airport. I mostly slept and a watched a little TV so it went buy pretty fast.

However, I knew this was only the beginning since we still had our 14 hour flight ahead. I was able to walk around the airport and I am not surprised that this is considered one of the top airports in the world. It is very clean and nice and even has a robot walking around that even has the ability to walk you to your gate. Additionally, the airport has some very luxury brand stores. It was finally time to board the plane and this time I had an aisle seat. I had learned from the flight to Seoul that I needed an aisle seat. I paid the extra $90 and had a good seat. Surprisingly, I slept a good amount on that flight. Probably the most I have ever slept on an airplane. Although I slept a lot I still had a lot of time to fill so I watched some TV and movies.

Louis Vuitton Store at the Airport

The flight landed in Dallas and we all went through customs and then to our gate. This is where everything went sideways. So far all the travel had been fine and doable. Dallas had been experiencing severe weather before we landed and so this had caused our plane to initially be delayed by two hours. This at first was not horrible and I kind of understood it but then it got delayed a total of 6 times. It was delayed so much that we were not allowed to leave until the morning. The flight was suppose to leave at 5:25 pm but now it was not leaving until 10:00 am. The group of us flying into Philadelphia were all furious but there was nothing to do about it. We had over twelve hours until our flight and so we had to spend it in the airport. At this point I was exhausted and tried to sleep. I think I got about a total of 3 hours of sleep in that airport. Around 4 am we noticed that there was another flight going to Philadelphia at 5 am at our exact gate. We were at first all extremely mad because we had been at the airport for hours and we thought we were the first Philadelphia flight to leave. Our group managed to get on the standby list and we were all hoping very badly to get a seat on the plane. Somehow very luckily we all made it on the flight and the other twenty people on the standby list did as well. I was so happy to be finally leaving that airport. I was only suppose to be there for about 3 hours but ended up being there for about 12.

My Delayed Flight

After a 3 hour flight the plane touched down in Philadelphia and I had finally made it. I exited the airport and my journey finally ended once I saw my dad. The two weeks had been an amazing time but I was so happy to see him and go back home. After 40 hours of traveling I was exhausted.

My journey is officially over and that also means my blogs. Thank you so much to Dr. Yun and Dr. Clarke for an amazing trip that I will never forget and thank you to the Asia Institute for organizing everything.

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