Beach Day!!


AHHH! It’s the final full day in Busan and in Korea☹. It has been an amazing trip so far and I am deeply saddened to leave this uniquely beautiful place. From all the foods that I tried to the friends I have made (both through the students at Pitt and the students of the universities), every moment was enjoyable.

Today we went to the Haeundae Beach with a lot of people. Despite taking the train though, we decided to get joint taxis to the beach since it was a faster ride. Once we got there, it was really nice out. Some of the guys and Grace went out to swim, but the water was too much to handle. S lot of us just dipped their feet in the water and walked the coastline.

At the beach, I noticed that there were some people playing soccer and then using the soccer ball to play volleyball. I had always wanted to play beach volleyball, so I really wanted to talk to them to join. So, I did. In a matter of time, Grace, Tilman, Jordan, and I were playing of beach soccer a game o with a group of French students and one Korean native! What was crazier was the fact my team won 3-0 and I shot the first goal! The whole process was wild. We all wrapped up at the beach early to have time to get ready for our presentations and farewell dinner that night. Before the dinner though, I thought it would be nice if we bought Dr. Clark and Dr. Yun a special cake to thank them for their contribution to the trip.

At the farewell dinner, we surprised them with the cake, and all presented our topic ideas. It was a really fun ending to just a wonderful trip.

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