Hyundai Motors

Today our group toured Hyundai Motors. It was very similar to our Hyundai’s automobile tour. We first went inside to watch a short film about their company and then we were able to get inside some of their show cars. One of their cars is very interesting because it uses hydrogen fuel cells and oxygen as its fuel source. We also got to sit in their luxury brand cars Genesis. The factory in Ulsan produces around 1.4 million cars every year. There are multiple factories for different types of cars as well. After taking pictures in the cars, we went on a bus tour of all the factories and then actually gained entrance to one of the assembly factories. The inside of the factory was just incredible. The number of cars being assembled, and all the moving parts of the factory was just mind boggling.  As a person with limited knowledge on the assembling of cars, the best way I can describe it is organized chaos. Sadly, we could not take pictures inside but afterwards, we went to Hyundai Motor’s own port. This was really incredible because the cars that are made there are loaded onto ship right from the factory. To load the cars, Hyundai has special drivers who zoom up into the ships.  It was very funny watching them speed towards the ship. After the visit, we went back to the hotel and had free time. A group of us decided to take a taxi to a nearby beach called Songdo. It was relatively inexpensive to get there, and the beach was super nice. There was no one swimming, and no one on the sand, but we decided to go check out the water anyways. Out in the water was a set if stairs that lead to a huge platform in the shape of a turtle, from which people could jump.  Naturally, we wanting to swim out and jump. We went to see how cold the water was and oh my was it cold. However, this didn’t stop us from achieving our goal. So, we all swam out to the turtle platform. As we got closer, we noticed places where ladders had been for people to get onto the turtle, but the ladders had been removed. We were very discouraged because it was too hard to get up onto the turtle without a ladder. We started to swim back until we heard a shout of celebration. One of the students somehow managed to climb up and helped the rest of us up. With our new found confidence, we went up to the platform and all jumped off. I am extremely afraid of heights, and while looking at the turtle from the beach, the jump looked no bigger than 10-15 feet. However, when looking down before the jump, it had to have been a lot bigger. We all had a great time and then headed back to the hotel for an early night’s rest.

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