Day 4: Donkeys, Mountains, and Cyprus Delights

We hit the road early to go to the mountains in Troodos Square which was held on the highest mountain in Cyprus! This mountain is a place where it also snows every year. While here, I was able to try Cyprus Delights and other sweets that were free samples as well as peruse various souvenirs shops. I also saw a donkey! After this, we headed to Omodos village to explore the small town as well as see the Timios Starvos Monastery. It was very interesting to me how isolated this village was into the mountains, and I wondered how it originated.

After a classic Cypriotic group lunch, we headed back to Limassol to meet with representatives of the Cyprus Ports Authority and the Cyprus Shipping Agents Association. It was very interesting to gain their insight on what is important and crucial to their industries as they are very related to DP World and Eurogate that we have visited prior. Being able to see the same values and essentially same organizational culture and values among the organizations was very intriguing.

The day was long and tiring but rewarding and interesting all the same. I anticipate the times ahead!

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