Is this the right Guinness..?

The need for a broad education is paramount and required for the professional development of a career. This need was made clear throughout Dr. Kelly’s presentation at the business district and then followed through with Madison at the Guinness Enterprise Centre. We got to see the development of the business district in Dublin and the remnants of “old Ireland,” with the anchors, old brick buildings, and the route in which cargo was transported in and out of Dublin. With that, Dr. Kelly talked about the education system here and Ireland, and how the focus is very pin-pointed to the student’s future endeavors, and there is a stark ideal of having the highest grades in order to achieve the greatest education. There is a great focus on higher education and having a 4.0 gpa to go to college. Then, students go into the workforce, and there is no doubt they will be successful due to their high level of knowledge, but there was a definitive gap between the education that the Irish received and that of the American education system. This leads me to transferable skills, or the lack thereof, for the Irish education system. The education in Ireland, according to Dr. Kelly is something that is a strict focus, yet the Irish have a very huge come up of entrepreneurship, which indicates the Irish must eventually have an entrepreneurial mindset (where it would not hurt to have a broader education). We saw that today at the GEC with the startups that have their homes in the building. Madison brought us along the journey of how the GEC came to be and why it is important to “new Ireland.” The idea of transferable skills is important here because it demonstrates the emphasis on growth and the necessities to grow the Irish economy. 

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