My anticipation for the Guinness Enterprise Center (GEC) finally ended as we walked into the building of the company my group will be reporting on. Not to be confused with the beer, GEC holds office space for start-up companies in Ireland’s economic hub of Dublin. I’m grateful for the opportunity to visit the site because what I had imagined was much different. With GEC”s new expansion, they’ve kickstarted the beginning of many entrepreneur journeys, helping create over 20,000 jobs.  

I truly believe entrepreneurs are born with the drive and willingness to push limits, it takes a specific type of creativity. Creativity is an admirable trait to have, but some skills that must be acquired are simply innate. Others that can be practiced through and through every day are resilience, self motivation, and positivity. Applying these skills to other aspects of your life whether, it’s your overall attitude on life, or your current work, eventually you’ll have the traits within you that are necessary to be an entrepreneur. However, these are great traits to have nonetheless. 

I’m typically most comfortable when I’m surrounded by people. Not in large crowds, but with people I know I can trust. I’d say I’ve had a difficult time adjusting to being in Ireland because although we spend time together as a group, there’s still a feeling of loneliness. The culture of Ireland is overall friendly, but each of us is surrounded by strangers. I assume others feel the same, but maybe I’m alone on that too. I know that a lot of growth can be done within myself. Since I’ve been in Ireland I’ve developed more of a routine, something I haven’t had without classes. At times it feels exhausting but perseverance goes a long way. I’m not interested in being an entrepreneur, but I’d like to learn the skills it takes to be one because I can apply them to other areas of my life.

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