Lanarca and Churches

Our fourth trip to Limassol was just as exciting as the other ones. Today we met with VTTV and Vassiliko cement works. They both were at the meeting we are attending and told us lots of great information. VTTV is a company that stores energy like oil and gas for other companies. They act more like a hotel, as the people that want to store oil in their containers have to pay a fee to keep their product at that spot. They also help those companies help move products they store to point A to point B. In case of emergency, this is also a company that keeps a reserve of energy in case the price of fuel goes substantially up and the release would make prices go down almost like what is going on in the US. They are a company that also deals with the intermediary between companies.

The next company at this meeting that presented was the Vassiliko cement company, which is a company that makes their own cement. They told us in their cement making that their main product is limestone and that the main cost of the company is electricity. They are known as the largest heavy industry in Cyprus which is impressive compared to the other companies the country has. What’s even more impressive is that they are the largest single line integrated producer in Europe among 310 factories in 33 countries. In Cyprus Itself concrete is the third largest product, and this is done with just a single plant. It is one of the biggest companies in Cyprus and makes a lot of money for they country.

After our visits we were able to visit a fish restaurant for lunch and I was able to try lots of new things. After this lunch we visited Larnarca for a short trip to visit a church and then stop at the back for a quick trip to relax for about two hours. It was something we were all looking forward to and it was very much needed for all of us.

St. Lazarus church
church near oil facilities
concrete tower

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