People Called Nurses

On today’s journey, we started off with our trip to BCU this morning! We had the honor of our speakers today teaching us all about public health this morning. They acknowledged the differences between their approach in the UK and in the US. One of the case studies that I found interesting to look into was the smoking differences that take place. While looking into the issue of smoking, we discovered a major difference in packaging. In the United States, it is common to see regular warnings of “tobacco products may be harmful and addictive”, whereas in the UK there are very realistic photos as warnings. It consisted of lung cancer and infants that had secondhand smoke on the packaging. This was a tactic used by the local and national governments as a form to warn consumers of possible outcomes of the use of this product. Another measure that was taken to decrease sales of tobacco was a major decision to ban all indoor smoking in the UK. This was a great learning opportunity to see the measures and improvements being made. I’m elated we were able to expand our knowledge on the public health system with our wonderful speakers today!

Immediately following our lecture we headed down to the botanical garden, but this time we were there on business! Thanks to BCU we were warmly welcomed into the conferences and presentations that were held today in order to gain more knowledge on certain topics. One of the sessions I was able to sit in on was Mental Health and forced pharmaceuticals. It was a great presentation and was also very beneficial to us, as we are also relating our research towards mental health. Although in his speech one thing he stated stood out to me “people called nurses.” In his statement he didn’t mean for it to sound disrespectful but one question this gave me was, Is this all we are? To be considered “just people” is a little insulting in my opinion as this isn’t just a title to us. Being a nurse isn’t something that should be underappreciated. A few days ago, one of our speakers stated “nursing isn’t a title but an action.” This is very true because nursing is a passion not a commitment. We as students don’t become nurses for the title we become nurses because this is what we love to do!

After a while spent at the conference and grabbing lunch at the tea room there we headed back to BCU to meet the adult nursing students. Walking in and getting greeted by their instructor and students was very welcoming. We didn’t hesitate to open up and start talking about our differences in curriculum, healthcare, jobs, and a lot of other ideas. It was fun to compare with other students who are going through the same journey as us but only in a different way.

Once our short visit came to an end we then headed to the SPACE building of BCU. This building is meant for the practice of competency skills of the nursing students. Walking in, it looked almost exactly like ours at Pitt Greensburg campus. We got to jump right into doing several different activities with the anatomy structures, competition handwashing (yes, it really was a competition for us), and CPR on practice mannequins. The instructors also started our critical thinking skills with how we would respond to certain questions as a nurse in serious situations. It was a great learning opportunity and gave us a head start for next year’s simulation labs!

Gathering to a close, it was a great day to spend with some amazing people! Also Happy International Nurses Day (especially to momma Lisa and my classmates as future nurses! 🙂 

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