Seeking Discomfort

As a business student, entrepreneurship is a critical skill to have when operating a business. However, it is not something that you can learn by taking classes. Entrepreneurship is based on our personality and decision-making. Typically, entrepreneurs are risk takers, creative, and do not like to follow the rules. Dr. Kelly gave an excellent example to depict this concept, using recipes as an example. Those who follow a recipe in the exact way it is prepared will get an A in class for following the rules. Those who do not follow a recipe but still produce a good end result will receive a lower grade. But in life, those who took the unconventional route are the successful entrepreneurs. They tend to think outside of the box and can improvise when things do not follow a specific plan. This directly relates to what Madison from GEC claims about successful start-ups: flexibility is the most common trait among successful entrepreneurial companies. I believe that entrepreneurship skills can be developed over time.

When I look at myself, I feel most comfortable in my ability to get tasks done efficiently. When given a task, I am confident that I will perform well and do so in a timely manner. Of course, it is impossible to be perfect, but generally I feel that I am reliable. On the other hand, I see growth in my social skills. I tend to be shy at first glance, and unfortunately, first impressions are pivotal. As a result, others perceive me as a quiet girl, when that is far from reality. I strive to be more sociable when first meeting someone, and living in Ireland has been helping this weakness tremendously. Being surrounded by the social culture of the Irish has forced me be social. For example, I saw a man wearing a Pitt hat in a restaurant, and I gathered the confidence to walk up and tell him that I go to Pitt. We ended up talking for a couple of minutes, which felt very rewarding. I know that I am a social person, it is just building confidence to show my social side that needs improvement, and I am so glad that Ireland has given me the opportunity to talk to people from all sorts of backgrounds.

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