Day 5: fish, fish, and more fish

Today was the first day I woke up and didn’t have time to get my morning cappuccino. So each bus ride was a short, refreshing nap.

With a later wake up call, our first stop of the day was Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement Maritime Training Center in Limassol. The coolest part here was the ship stimulation that we were allowed to control and change. Also it was cool that they had to build small buildings inside the main infrastructure to maintain the original building. 

After the company visit, we got back on the bus to drive to Zygi for a group lunch. Another meze style meal was prepared and served to us at Koumbaris Fish Tavern. The dishes started out tame then slowly turned into full fried fish that still looked alive, squid with their beak still attached, and fish skin. Needless to say it wasn’t my favorite meze, but still a really cool experience in a cute village.

We then took a short trip to the Hala Sultan Tekke. It is the most important mosque in Cyprus and was very strict when we entered. We were only there for a short time until we got back on the bus to have free time visiting St. Lazarus Church and explore Larnaca Old City.

Finikoudes beach was in Larnaca. We didn’t take a dip in the sea like others, but we still walked the “boardwalk” and people watched. We then decided to see how different the Starbucks was here and chose to get coffee’s at a different cafe. I ordered a frappe which is suppose to be a very popular drink here, but something in the translation must of been off because my drink had ice cream in it and I don’t remember that being in the description. Nevertheless it was tasty and a good way to cool off. Before going back to the bus we walked around some more and looked at shops.

When we got back to the hotel me and Mae decided to have a chill night. We went out to get snacks and gelato, so we could go to bed early and get a good nights sleep for the busy weekend ahead!

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