Tag 6: GROB-Werke visit and Italian Dinner

Today was the final day of our company visits, concluding our business-dressed part of our trip. Everyone LOVED GROB, and I’m glad to say I wasn’t an exception to the group. 

Today was our final day waking up early and dressing in Business casual, and it was my turn to take notes for the group presentations. I had researched the company earlier that week, and to be honest, I had no solid idea of what the company really did. When we got there, we all felt super welcome, and the whole visit was very well planned out. We were introduced to a managing engineering partner working at the plant in Munich, who led us to a huge high-rise meeting room, where I had drunk lots of coffee and got my questions ready to ask. 

GROB-Werke office building

I learned several interesting things about the company’s business model, as well as a quick look into the engineering and design that went into the products. GROB-Werke produces capital equipment, which interestingly enough helped their revenue during the recent economic recession. I loved how technical the plant was, and how everything was connected and programmed by the company themselves. I also learned that they have huge customer orders to fill, such as Tesla and BMW!! The entire group as well as I really loved the company, and I thought maybe I could even get the opportunity to intern abroad at that office someday. 

GROB-Werke Plant

At the conclusion of our final company visit, the entire group was completely exhausted and craving some Italian food. We invited our good friends Maxi and Nikolas out with us to dinner, and we all laughed the entire night about cheesy American jokes that they had never heard before. I had a beautiful pizza to myself, which was deleted within 5 minutes. We then got some gelato after dinner to finish off our night back in Augsburg.

My pizza

Tomorrow we go to Munich on a tour of the entire city! I’m super excited to see where our free time takes us, and I will update the blog with some great pictures and content tomorrow! Guten Nacht!

Vipin, Ben, and I eating gelato

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