Day 6 & 7: Paphos Adventures

We began our weekend with a a two hour bus ride with a guided tour as all of the surroundings and archeological sites were pointed out to us. We took a deeper look into a part of the Kourion archeological site in the form of the amphitheater and bathing area. Following this we stopped by Aphrodite’s Rock where most of us climbed atop it for a grand view of the ocean. The way up was not too treacherous although I did scrape my knee without noticing it.

After a short drive, we stopped by the Tomb of the Kings, and we ate lunch at Pelican tavern which in fact- had a large real Pelican named Bella within its premises. It was simply walking around, going up and down the stairs as any human would. After a brief break, we saw the Paphos Mosaics in the House of Dionysus which depicted various stories and tragedies.

We stayed in a hotel as Paphos is a rather long drive from Nicosia, and we were able to spend the following day relaxing at the beach in leisure.

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