day 6+7

We spent this weekend in Paphos. Saturday was mostly filled with bus rides and exploring Cyprus/Greek culture. We first visited the Kourion archeological site which had an older theater as well as a runied bathhouse that was used for the public after the public bathhouse was destroyed. Next, we visited Aphrodite’s Rock. This was probably my favorite location we visited yet as it had great historical significance (the place where Aphrodite was “born”) as well as a great view. Then, we visited the Tomb of the Kings which was essentially a burial ground. We then got food at a place called the Pelican which, as the name implies, had a pet pelican (was pretty cool). Lastly, we toured some Paphos mosaics which told stories of things that happened many years ago. I was pretty tired after this all, so I took a nap. After, I got dinner and went out for the night to some local places.

The next day, Sunday, was essentially just a free day to do whatever we wanted. I, along with the rest of the group, went to the beach for a great deal of the day. It was super nice out, making it a perfect beach day. After spending a couple of hours at the beach, we left Paphos and came back to Nicosia where I ended the day.

This weekend was very fun and I’m glad I was finally able to go to the beach! Tomorrow is going to be a big shift of gears as there are a lot of meetings. cya

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