Day 7 (May 13): Raindrop, GROB-top

Today’s schedule was much more company-oriented than the other days, but it was still fun. On a slightly rainy morning, the first thing we did was we had our final company visit today at GROB Werke, probably the most down-to-earth and welcoming company we visited during the program. Our tour guide was a big reason why many of us really enjoyed our time at GROB. He was very funny and energetic and conveyed the company culture at GROB extremely well to us. We sat for a short presentation about what GROB does, then began the factory tour. We mainly saw that GROB makes their own machines that produce their own parts. Hundreds of parts that go into EV batteries, fuel cells, engines, and transmissions are produced with these impressive machines. To show their customer’s the preciseness of their metal milling machines, they have many cool “sculptures” sitting all over the plant. The most impressive one was the basketball hoop that was milled from a single block of aluminum that included every little knot. It was also interesting to see how almost all of the employees in that plant were young people doing technical work before going to university. This is actually a common path to follow in Germany. We then had lunch in GROB’s canteen, which serves free healthy meals to their employees in an extremely modern-looking facility. I had the Indian vegetable curry with rice which was really tasty. We went back to the conference room for a Q+A session and to learn about job opportunities that GROB offers. I really think GROB is a company I’d seriously consider interning or working for. I really enjoy their company culture and philosophy. They also offer dozens of positions in the business side with competitive pay and benefits.

After a fun and insightful day at GROB Werke, we went to the University of Augsburg for two presentations: the VDE Talk and BMW Talk. My favorite was the BMW talk by a BMW representative who works in autonomous vehicles. He went in-depth into BMW’s autonomous driving research and development, and it provided lots of insight into the future of self-driving cars.

After our last long business-dressed day, it was time to enjoy the great vibe of a warm evening in Augsburg. We went to a modern Italian restaurant called Aposto and brought our closest German friends, Maxi and Nikolas, with us too. I was a bit nervous to try another Italian restaurant after the mess at Dragone, but the restaurant’s vibe seemed much better. I ordered the Goa pizza, which was basically an Indian-inspired pizza. It was INCREDIBLE. After dinner, we got some really cheap and delicious gelato and walked around Augsburg with everyone. Tomorrow is our first Saturday in Germany, and it’s going to be a fun one! Stay tuned!

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