May 12th- Faurecia or Forvia??

Today we started off our day at Baindlkirch where we tried Weisswurst for the first time. I was a little intimidated at first because it was not what I expected. The sausages looked very white, and not like anything I have seen before. However, once I tried it, I absolutely loved it. It was even better once having the sweet mustard with it. Not only was the breakfast good, but the view we had of the yellow rapeseed was gorgeous.

Shortly after we went to our next company visit, Faurecia. This is when I became confused, I remembered the group who had this company said they switched their name to Forvia, so I was interested to hear more about that. I found out that once they combined with Hella they adopted the name Forvia, however when talking about their specific products they would go by Faurecia. During the multiple presentations, I found it very interesting to learn about how they are planning on the switch to hydrogen powered automobiles. It is an interesting concept but still many years away due to the difficulties to achieve this.

After the visit we briefly spent some time trying to get trucks to honk their horn at us. Maxi in particular found it amusing since it was something no one ever did in Germany. I found that very interesting because it is what all the kids to back in the United States. I find it very amusing to hear about all the differences there are between people from the U.S and Germany.

Lastly, per Maxi’s recommendation we went to a restaurant in Augsburg called Wirsthaus Unter Dem Bogen. I decided to try the burger they had to compare it to the burgers in America. It was very good, probably one of the better burgers I have had! I am absolutely loving my time here in Germany, especially interacting with the German students and learning more about them. I look forward to finishing off the company visits with Grob tomorrow, see you then!

Ben Cheesin’ at Wristhaus Unter Dem Bogen

-Jason Bliss

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