Biodiversity & Hanging Bridges

On Saturday, we had the opportunity to hike in the rainforest of Misticos Hanging Bridges Park. There were many similarities and differences between Monteverde’s cloud forest and Arenal’s Hanging Bridges rainforest. To start off, in both locations, land that primarily served as a farming area was transformed into land that simultaneously served as a tourist destination. They were also similar in that they both included hanging bridges over which tourists were able to walk. Experiencing the two locations was different, though, in that we mainly learned about the agriculture in Monteverde’s forest, while we mainly learned about the biodiversity in Arenal’s forest. I think that this biodiversity is what attracts tourists to Arenal so much, as they are able to see organisms that they may never be able to see anywhere else in their natural habitat in Arenal’s forests. During our hike, we saw a wide variety of animals, including non-stinging bees, poisonous red frogs, and pigs. 

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