Pretty Paphos

This weekend we took a trip to pathos! We started our journey on Saturday morning with many stops along the way. We first stopped at the Kourion archaeological site. We saw their amphitheater and the ruins of an ancient house. It was so beautiful because the ruins overlooked the whole city.

After the ruins we went to aphrodites rock. I think this was my favorite visit of the trip. The beach that the rock was apart of was a rock beach and I loved looking through the rocks to find cool ones. I even found quartz! I also loved climbing to the top of the rock. This is something I would never do, and I’m really happy this trip is pushing me out of my comfort zone.

Our next stop was the tomb of the kings. This was a very large site with many tombs. We didn’t much time here but it was very very beautiful. Nearby, we stopped for some lunch and there was a pelican walking around!

After lunch we went on a tour of Paphos mosaics. They were so beautiful and our tour guide explained their meanings so beautifully. It made me really want to learn more about Greek mythology.

We ended the day with a dinner right by the beach and watched the sunset. The next day we woke up pretty early and spend the whole day at the beach. I was really happy we were able to just relax all day.

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