Day 7, Sheep Farm & Kilkenny

This weekend was so fun and I am so glad that I got to see different parts of Ireland. Today we were off to Kilkenny and Wicklow, which is a little closer to Dublin, so we could sleep a bit longer, which I was very thankful for since yesterday was such a long day. We then took a short bus ride to a sheep farm. This was one of the coolest things from this trip in my opinion. I love animals and it was so fun to watch the dogs herd the sheep. It was also such beautiful scenery. It was interesting to see the contrast between the busy, tech-centered city, and a town just a short trip outside of the city that was so quiet and beautiful. If you were to live in Wicklow as a sheepherder versus living in Dublin and working for Microsoft, life would obviously be very different, but something that I noticed is that the entrepreneurial spirit was still present in both occupations. For example, the owner of the farm has grown up living on a farm and his family has been in the business for many years, and when he was older, he was able to take it over and create his own business. One thing that I also noticed is that the farm that we went to has been in the family for years and they have deep roots in Ireland, while when we visited Microsft, many of the workers were not even from Ireland which was very interesting. I think this shows how Dublin is such an up-and-coming city and attracts so much new and fresh talent. We also went to Kilkenny which was very cool and was more calm compared to a city like Dublin. It has a beautiful castle which was extremely beautiful and fun to see since I have never seen a castle in real life! Overall, the past two days have been very fun and I am excited for the upcoming week! Down below, I attached a picture of some of the adorable sheep!

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