Day 7 – München’s Marvels (May 14th)

Today was the day we went to Munich. We went to the Augsburg Hauptbahnhof(Hbf) and took the regional train to Munich. It was pretty comfortable but it was packed full of people. The trip was about 30 miuntes and we ended up at the Munich Hbf. The train station itself was massive and had over 15 lines that had trains from all over Germany. We then walked to the Marienplatz, which is the one of the main squares in Munich. There, we watched a Glockenspiel show on the Rathaus which had little animatronics that danced along to the music. Originally, we weren’t going to watch it but we arrived just in time for it to start.

After that we met with our tour guide and went on the tour. We went around exploring the buildings and our tour guide explained the history behind a lot of the architecture. We spent a lot of time exploring a cathedral and she gave us some insight into its backstory.

There was a lot of historical religious architecture in Munich. My favorite thing on the tour was a little garden called the Kabinettsgarten. It had a small fountain and was enclosed in by walls on all sides. It was tranquil and a cool place to take photos like this one!

After the tour we went to get lunch. We ate at a local Bavarian restaurant. It’s great that I have been able to continuously try the German food. Everytime I get something new and I’ve been slowly seeing what makes the food here so great. This time, I got a duck dish which was really tasty and not overly expensive which was suprising.

Afterward, we went to go souvenir shopping. I bought a little music box which I thought was really cool. We also met a guy who previously went to Pitt which was cool. He was really nice and we talked with him about the University and how it’s been.

For dinner, we ate at a restaurant called Hans im Gluck, which was an American-inspired German restaurant that sells burgers. I got a Kaese und Speck burger with sweet potato fries. It tasted fine, but nowhere near as good as the burgers in the US. However after a long day of walking a burger definetely hit the spot.

After finishing our dinner we walked back to the train station and took the train back to Augsburg. On the way back, I sat with Maxi, Anna, Jason, and Peter. We spent the entire time trying to learn German phrases from Maxi and generally talking about life. It made the train ride really enjoyable and we shared a lot of laughs. I’m going to be sad when I end up leaving. Anyways, we got back to the hotel and finished our day. Stay tuned for the next one!

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