Who Knows You

Business and career opportunities are half what you know and the other half who you know. Networking and putting yourself in contact with others allows you to gain opportunities you would have never had, qualified or not. Interestingly, Rob Cullen had a couple of very helpful techniques to network online and when at networking events. The placement of a nametag seems like a trivial placement but crucial for having your name remembered. Placing the tag on the upper right side is the correct position; this allows the other person to see when shaking hands. The body language stance of open vs. close is also thoughtful for how others interact. Universally, being a listener is crucial. No one likes those who only talk about themselves. Within this listening concept, finding common interests away from business creates a more memorable and personable connection. Everyone can talk business, but not everyone can be personable.

Covid has dramatically changed the way of networking. It has enabled people from around the country and world to connect through webinars and other online meetings. Networking in person may be more difficult for some as events begin to occur in person. However, the expansion of online networking, especially LinkedIn, makes any connection possible.

Auxilion is more crucial than ever to their current and prospective customers. The massive shift to remote and now hybrid working requires more technology and more robust technology to operate smoothly. Auxilion has adapted to the changes in technology support needed and has added different services, expanding to the management of systems.

All of the firms we have viewed have a few things in common, which generate continuous success. One, they all believe in growth: Microsoft’s growth mindset, Google’s learning week, and Auxilion’s emphasis on development. Customer obsession is the other common theme. Understanding exactly what the customer wants and providing the service is important to all successful firms in the very competitive and changing markets.

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