Crossing the Green Line One Last Time

With the bus leaving at 11am I got the chance to catch up on some much needed sleep and realize how much more sleep I needed to catch up. At 11 we hopped on the bus and took a short ride to PwC’s offices. At PwC we first witnessed a presentation from Michael Muller about connected and autonomous supply chain eco systems. He talked about how most industries didn’t take full advantage of AI and digitalization of there supply chains. He mentioned how the two industries who took advantage of digitalization the most was the semiconductor and automotive industries. This made sense to me as these are the two industries where you hear about supply chains the most in the news. After his presentation was finished, we got the chance to rotate through 3 mini presentations about consulting, circular economy and block chain. All of which were very interesting.

After leaving the PwC offices we headed back to the hotel where we were released for free time until our fare well dinner at 7. During the afternoon I first grabbed some lunch since I didn’t get any food from PwC because there was none left :(. John, Mae and I then headed to cross the border into the Turkish Republic side of Nicosia. Although it seemed daunting at first, it was a suprisingly easy process to cross the green line where we just had to show our passports. Once through the other side, we said hello to Mike and Chris who were sitting at a table near the line. We then walked through the two Bazaar’s which had lots of local stores with handmade crafts. While walking through the town we heard the call to prayer from one of the local mosques and it made the whole place seem a lot more like another country. Overall, it was a super interesting experience as I always expect the north side to be a lot more different but, it really is pretty similar, there’s just a lot more Turkish influence in the north.

As tomorrow nears, our last full day, I am grateful for the anticipated rest I will be able to get once home. However, I am still trying to stay in the moment and enjoy the trip as I know I will miss being here a month from now.

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