PwC and Museums

We had a later start today so we decided to try out a new cafe before we left for our meeting. Today we spent most of the day at PwC, PricewaterhouseCoopers, one of the big four accounting firms. Utilizing technology to make the implementation of new processes easier and more effective is their main objective. We had our meeting in the experience center where they had cool technologies. When they made their introduction presentation it was from a hologram. The main presentation was given in the “theater” where there was a big touch screen projector. The rest of the room was filled with large screens with presentations. The room also had a nice seating area, high top tables, and yoga balls to sit on. The purpose of this room is for clients to get their ideas out while working with different types of people in the company to achieve their goals in the best way possible. Our main presentation was on the supply chain ecosystems. By using supply chain ecosystems have access to instantaneous information that allows them to make accurate decisions in supply and demand planning and avoid any disruptions in the supply chain. With Artificial Intelligence, they can make activities self-organizing by defining the right  parameters and algorithms to make appropriate decisions. The second presentation was on Superhome Center, which is a home improvement and diy store. During the pandemic there were a lot of challenges because their products are made in China. This set them back especially because the production and transportation of any product from China takes around seven months. When the main presentations were over, we had an opportunity to listen to smaller presentations. The presentation that I listened to was about the connection between business and technology. They believe that technology is the best way to execute a successful idea or process to increase efficiency. After hearing how technology has so much influence on business I am looking into picking up an information systems major along with my finance major. This was our last company meeting so it was nice to see a company that I am familiar with. 

After a day of meetings, we visited one of the museums and the observatory. It was nice to see the history of Nicosia. The museum had ancient swords, traditional clothing and jewelry, and various other ancient items that were used in old Nicosia. All of the pieces were beautiful and it was fascinating to see how everything was kept in good condition. We went to the observatory where we could see all of Nicosia. From a birds eye view it’s crazy to think that we had seen so much of the big city in the two weeks we’ve been here.

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