Partly FoodCloudy

Today we visited Food Cloud, a not for profit company that works to reduce food waste. They collect leftover food that would be thrown away and allocate it to different charities. Food Cloud has become part of the community by helping those in need of food. They provide something to eat for people who aren’t able to provide it for themselves. Not only that, but they do so with food that would be otherwise wasted. They have such a good reputation because they do this work for no profit. Food Cloud cares about the wellbeing of the community and the environment. They are bringing solutions to rather difficult issues and doing it for nothing in return. Thinking about how many people don’t have easy access to food can be a sore subject, especially considering Ireland’s history of the Great Famine. Food Cloud is working for others, not themselves.

It was different getting a tour of Food Cloud compared to the other site visits because it was more of a warehouse than an office. Our previous five visits had been to nice, newly renovated office buildings. At Food Cloud, we got more of a rugged perspective of their business by seeing the actual operations of the warehouse. It was cool to get more of an inside look. 

On another note, this program has allowed me to work with many new people and on many different teams. I have gotten the chance to create several great relationships through this experience. I have worked with people of different work and communication styles which has allowed me to grow a lot in how I collaborate. I have learned that working with new people allows for new ideas and new ways of thinking. Most of us didn’t know each other at all before this trip, yet we quickly became a cohesive group of individuals.

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