Day 11: Closing the Book to Cyprus

Sadly enough, today was our final day in Cyprus. We began our day at 8AM to take a COVID-19 test at the local pharmacy for our return to the states. Fortunately, everyone received a negative result. After, we made our way over to Vasiliko Port where we learned about the manufacturing processes of cement production. Specifically, the initial step includes extracting limestone and clay from their individual quarries, following with the heating, grinding, blending, and storing steps. Also, I learned a new term “clinker” which is essentially an intermediate form of cement, and that cement is the third largest export here in Cyprus. In addition to meeting with Vasiliko Cement Woks, we met with VVTI, an energy service and storage provider. They hold various storage silos for crude oil, gasoline, etc. and have four berthing locations. Following both of these company presentations, we took a tour of the plant control/operating room while wearing a hard hat and a reflective vest for safety precautions.

After the morning company visits, we had the afternoon at the beach in Larnaca. I started with an excellent brunch dish at 36 Bay Street Bar & Grill, then shopped for souvenirs to bring back for my family. Finally, I was able to enjoy the beach as Joe and I walked along the shoreline discussing our upcoming flight details and reflecting on our experiences from the previous two weeks.

Once arriving back to Nicosia, we provided feedback for this Plus3 Program. We also played a game of Cyprus trivia with prizes involved, and reviewed the details for our long day ahead tomorrow.

Lastly, I want to the thank Mike, Chris, Global Semesters, and the affiliated program coordinators for making this such a worthwhile experience!

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