How is it over already?

Last full day? What? Today we had two company visits, although they presented in the same facility, and some free time at the beach. We actually started our day with a Covid test! So fun, I know. Luckily, we were all negative and don’t have to be locked in a Cyprian hotel for the next few days.

The first company that presented to us was a cement company. We were on their grounds and you could see their massive silos and machines that helped with the conversion of raw materials to cement. A lot of their materials were locally sourced. They have two limestone quarries, two clay quarries, and a gypsum quarry. These raw materials are processed in many steps in order to make cement. Unfortunately, I cannot repeat these steps over for you, my blog reader. I sincerely apologize. However, one question that a kid in my group asked sparked my curiosity. He asked if the powder used to make the cement is transported directly on a conveyor belt or in a box, and the answer was directly on a conveyor belt. How can you transfer powder that way without losing a lot of it? That did not really make much sense to me.

The second company we talked to was VTTV, an energy transport and storage company. They had eighteen (I think) locations all around the world where they can perform their duties. While there are other companies that do the same thing, they said that they set themselves apart with their customer service. They also are a small company and like to seize opportunities when they arise. When they compared themselves to Exxon and Shell, they said that those companies are more “reliable” because they are bigger and do not need to fight to make money. Therefore, VTTV is a bit riskier in its practices. After the talks, we walked around the cement company’s port and went up to a little chapel near other parts of their plant. We got to wear hard hats that made us all look like eggs.

After the company visits, we went to the beach in Larnaca. It was such a warm and sunny day, but it was also a little bit windy so you did not feel the sun frying you to a crisp as much. It was the perfect afternoon to take a little nap in the heat under an umbrella and attempt not to get sunburned. The water was crystal clear as well. I am not the biggest fan of saltwater though, so I did not get in past my waist.

After we got back from the beach, Chris and Mike set up trivia for us to play. They both came up with a lot of questions I was unable to answer, but I still won a mini map of Cyprus from it.

My friends and I went out to one last dinner in the old city of Nicosia tonight. We decided to just get some traditional Greek/Cyprian food. I got some sheftalia sausage and grilled halloumi. We also split some baklava-esque coated feta with sesame and honey. Everything was so incredible.

Looking back on this trip, I am so grateful that I was able to have this experience. From the food to my newfound interest in cryptocurrency, this trip sparked a lot of things I probably would have never thought of or tried. I made some really great friends that I think I will keep in contact with after this trip is over. I have to go finish up packing and get some sleep before our 6am departure! Thanks for following along! šŸ™‚

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