Day 11: Last Day

Today is our last day in Cyprus. Looking back on my journey, there’s stuff that I’m going to miss here. However, the one thing I am not going to miss is the spotty Wi-Fi at the hotel. Other than that, everything was pretty good. Today started out with us getting a Covid test. We were all negative. We then went to a cement factory. I’m not going to say it was cool, but it was interesting. They took us through the process of how cement was made and how the cement was transported out of Cyprus. I also got 3rd place in a Kahoot and got a small bluetooth speaker. We then toured the factory (we went inside the control center). After that we went to Larnaca for the rest of the day.

I went into some souvenir shops in Larnaca. I didn’t buy anything, I just browsed. After Larnaca, we went back to the hotel and were briefed on our flight(s) for tomorrow. I have to be ready by 5:55 AM tomorrow. We then had a fun trivia game about the companies and cultural experiences we learned about. Overall it was a fun day.

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