day 11


Hello! Today was our last full day in Cyprus. We took a trip to Vasiliko Port and met with them and VTTV. This meeting focus on the cement making process as well as the transportation of said cement with the ports nearby. We also talked with VTTV’s subsidiary VTTI who stores energy substances like gasoline and gasoil for companies. The cement part of this meeting was very interesting. I did not know there were so many steps with creating cement which can then be used or concrete. Limestone and clay are first grinded down and refined into clinkers which can then be grinding, mixed, and refined with gypsum to form the cement that can be mixed with other substances for concrete. We toured the Vasiliko Port facility to see the process which was a great experience. We also saw the control room where the processes are monitored in case machinery needs to be repaired. As said before, we also met with VTTI. VTTI’s representative talked about their company and their involvement in supply chain. They are apart of the downstream of the supply chain, which essentially means they store materials and substances for other companies; they do not own any materials, they simply store them. They mentioned how their company is one of the smaller ones and how their business model follows a flat structure. This means that they company has few employees that have their own specialized part in the company, but all employees are fluid and can work in differing departments whenever needed. It was interesting to hear about this structure style as I have never heard of it before.

After the meetings and tours, we had our last free time in Limassol. We went to the beach and just relaxed for our last time. After that, I went back to Nicosia, ate some food, and packed up for the trip back tomorrow. This whole trip has been an amazing experience. I have learned so much, supply chain and culturally. I hope to do something like this again soon! cya

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