First Company Visit! (May 10th)

As you can tell by the title, today was our first company visit! The company we visited was Hoerbiger. We toured their office spaces, and their production facilities. The tour of the office spaces was probably the most interesting part for me (considering I am a business major). Every element within the office space was intentional and had some sort of psychology behind it. For example, the industrial style of the ceilings are used to reflect the purpose of the company, the work pods are used as a meeting space that promote efficiency, and the sitting to standing chairs promote healthier lifestyle for their employees. It was very clear from everything we saw that day that the company cares greatly about their employees. Towards the end of our time at the company, we sat down for a talk with one of the supply chain managers. He was able to give us insight on the challenges the company has faced with their supply chain due to the pandemic. I loved hearing about how him and his team worked to overcome those challenges and hearing how passionate he was about his job.

When we left the company, we took a short bus ride to a gondola lift in the Bavarian alps. I quickly got over my fear of heights when I saw the beautiful views the mountains had to offer. At the top of the mountain, there was a cute little lodge with a restaurant and a gift shop. The top of the mountain made for a great place to take pictures, and trust me a lot of pictures were taken. I have never seen anything like this in my entire life up until this point and I am so grateful for the experience. When we eventually got our fill of photos, we made our way back down the mountain. We would then be taken to a little village that had plenty of places for tourists like us to blow our money. My friend Ashna and I grabbed some Mexican-German food and it was delicious! Sadly this was all we had time for before we had to get back on the bus to head home.

While this was one of the longest days we had on the trip, it was probably one of my favorites. I got great insights on tragedies a business uses to take care of their workers and solve problems, I got to see the view from the top of a mountain for the first time, and I made a great connection with a new friend over some great food.

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