Adventure 9: Ulm

Another day, another city! Today, we visited the Bavarian city of Ulm, which is located an hour west of Augsburg. The weather wasn’t the best today, but I was still optimistic and excited to see new scenery. 

When we first arrived, we saw the Ulmer Münster known in English as the Ulm church. We learned today that the church took over 300 years to build because of various events that stopped the construction so it has a gothic and modern architecture. Here’s a picture with the clouds that truly embraces its gothic background. When we walked in, the architecture inside was even more fascinating! There were stained glass windows on the right side of the church and depicted different subjects and perspectives of life. For instance, one was talking about science and scientific evolution of life which was very interesting to see since the Church had opposite perspectives on such a subject. Scientist Albert Einstein and Astronomer Galileo Galilei were featured in the stained glass collage. 

Ulmer Münster
Stained glass pannel in the church

We ventured further into the old city and took a big tour, where our tour guide even took us to the world’s most famous tilted hotel. Yes, you heard that right! The world’s most crooked building is in ulm and a fun fact about the hotel is that all of the furniture is not flat but elevated in certain places in order to balance and make the place habitable. We ended the tour back at the  Ulmer Münster however now we would embark on a new battle, the battle to get the viewing point. But the trick was that there were no elevators, so we had to walk up 300 stairs to get to our destination. There were little windows all that we could view as we climbed, so that gave me some strength to keep going. Once we got to the viewing deck, we couldn’t really see anything because of construction, though regardless we still had a fun time going up and peeking through the light holes and getting a glimpse of the Ulm landscape. Once we got to the bottom, it was time for lunch! 

For lunch, I went to a pizza place called L’Osteria and I heard that they were known for their pizza, but when I got my pizza I was in shock. The pizza was bigger than the size of my head and here’s a picture, but honestly a picture could never do justice to the beauty of this pizza. Though, since there was a large group of us, the pizza took a long time to come out and before we knew it we had to leave for the train. So, the group of us ended up running to the train station with gigantic pizza boxes in our hands. Luckily we got to the train in time and we all enough enjoyed our pizzas on the train after a day of sightseeing! Though the day didn’t end there for me and my GROB group, we ended up meeting at the university to practice for the final presentation. Afterwards, we went back to the hotel and now I am eating the rest of the pizza and now that concludes my day of adventure!

Lunch & Dinner

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