Sunday Market and Meeting Pitt Alumni


I started the day by getting breakfast and reading in the park. There weren’t a lot of people in the park at 8am. The loudest noise came from the birds fighting over bread around me. I did get a picture of the pretty view though that you can see above. Then I went back to the hostel to get ready to go with the group to the vintage flea market. The market reminded me a lot of the one I would go to back at home except this one was very big. We took a ferry there which was our first time on one. It was completely free to use, and it took us across the canal. Once we got off of it we spent two hours walking around the market. Although I did not get anything, there were a lot of interesting things. I didn’t even get to walk through the whole thing as it is so big. 

Additionally, I noticed there was a lot of bargaining going on at the market. I heard a good bit of the people in the group got the prices down from what they bought. This relates to concept to customer idea since both sides are negotiating to find the best price to sell the item. Below are pictures of some stuff I saw from the market. As a tea drinker, I thought these teacups were very pretty.

Next, we took a bus over to a restaurant where we met up with Pitt Alumni. It was nice to talk to each of them and hear their experience from going to Pitt and transitioning in the Netherlands. Each alumni had very different stories. The guy that set the event up doesn’t live in Amsterdam but lives in the Netherlands and is Dutch. He decided to go to the Pitt main campus after high school and move to the US as his dad was working near the Pittsburgh airport at the time. A lady mentioned how after graduating from Pitt she moved to France after signing a contract to work there for two years. Now she lives in the Netherlands with her husband. She grew up in the US and decided to leave after college. So as you can tell from this they all have very different stories. The focus though is that they are all a part of the Netherlands Pitt Alumni Association. There are Pitt alumni all over the world. Overall, Today was a pretty good and relaxing day. 

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