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Hi everyone,

My name is Brian Lettrich and I am a freshman industrial engineering student at the University of Pittsburgh. I grew up in Kirtland, Ohio, about 30 minutes outside of Cleveland. I’ve grown up to be a huge Indians, Cavaliers, and yes….even a Browns fan. As a result, most of the pictures of me in this blog (when I’m not in business attire) will be in my Indians gear. I went to a small college preparatory school named University School. While there, I played soccer and baseball. But baseball was my passion. I’ve been playing baseball at least two seasons per year since I was 10.

I chose to travel to Vietnam for a few reasons. First, it’s somewhere I don’t think I’d ever go without the structure provided by the Plus3 Program. Secondly, it is a place rich with history. Of course a lot of it can get a little touchy but that’s what makes it so interesting. Being able to travel to a place that has recovered from a war with my own country just seems like a surreal experience. Finally, it seems like a fascinating place to study business. I was part of the entrepreneur club my four years of high school and have a great interest in how Vietnamese companies grow in communist state. I think Vietnam will share a variety of learning experiences with me and fellow travelers.

My international travel experiences, up until now, have been limited to Europe. I went to visit relatives with my mother and grandparents in Hungary and Italy back in 2010. In 2012, I went on a school trip to Greece with 14 other students, so I have a little experience with group travel. With that said, I’m sure this trip will be tiring. But it will also be something I will remember for the rest of my life with a great group of people about whom I can’t wait to learn.

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