Me Encanta Costa Rica

Before coming to Costa Rica, I thought that the country was going to be underdeveloped. I was pleasantly surprised to see some American food chains on the drive in! Costa Rica also has strips of native restaurants and stores that I would love to explore. Also, I thought that Heredia was more suburban. However, there is a lot of traffic and Ticos. That should be Costa Rica’s new slogan: “Traffic and Ticos.” One thing that I did expect was the amazing produce. I really enjoyed taking a trip to the Central Market. One thing is for sure, the fruit and vegetables are as fresh as can be. My host mother prepared fresh fruit for my roommate and I in the morning. It tasted like candy. They also have a lot of unique tropical produce that I’m excited to try.

I definitely didn’t know what to expect for the homestay. I was extremely nervous when our bus pulled up to our host families. Everything was unknown and I hate not having a plan. But, I knew that this experience was going to push me outside of my comfort zone. One thing I didn’t expect was that my host family speaks only Spanish. Luckily, I have three years of experience with the language. But, it is still difficult to converse efficiently with my host family. I wish I would’ve been more prepared when it came to the language barrier.

I knew that Costa Rica was transitioning into their wet season, but when it rains… it pours! I wasn’t expecting the rain to be that bad. While walking back to the university, my rain jacket couldn’t repel that much water so I was soaked. I’m going to have to be more prepared tomorrow! On the flip side, the morning walk to the university was very pleasant. The air wasn’t humid and it was the perfect temperature outside. Costa Rica’s weather changes might be crazy, but they create the beautiful tropical climate and vegetation.

Everyone boasted about how amazing Costa Rican coffee is… and they were telling the truth! My host mother prepared café for my roommate and I. It was muy rica! I’m not exaggerating when I say that was the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had! I’m eager to learn more about the Costa Rican coffee supply chain and watch how they turn a coffee bean into the best coffee in the world. Pura vida!

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