Cheetah Mobile and Microsoft

IMG_4125On the third day of our stay in Beijing, we visited the Chinese headquarters of Cheetah Mobile and Microsoft. Before the we actually reached our first destination, Cheetah Mobile, I was not expecting this day to be very exciting. I expected the offices to be very dull, and the information given to be uninteresting. However, simply stepping out of the bus onto Cheetah Mobile’s campus I knew I was very wrong. The appearance of the company was similar to a nice hotel or mall from the outside rather than a corporate office. The inside contained their own café, a huge screen with Pitt’s logo on it, a slide, foosball and pool tables, and many other odd amenities to have in an office space. After an informative speech given by the company’s CTO, I was very impressed with Cheetah Mobile. Microsoft was also more interesting than expected, but also very different from Cheetah Mobile. Microsoft first showed us the types of products they are working on. The first was the speech translator, which a user can talk into and their speech will instantly be translated into any of 9 different languages. The other product that was exciting to look at was the halolens, a virtual reality headset. However, while this product was certainly unique and boasted sophisticated technology, there is not much real life utility to this. Out of all things we saw during the site visits, my favorite by far was seeing Kieran step into the water in Cheetah Mobile, proceeding to send it spraying in all directions. Overall, the site visits gave me a look into how life after college might be, and helped me understand how companies operate outside of the U.S., as well as how the communicate with each other while being so far apart.

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