Day 2: Downtown shenanigans

Today was our first full day in Augsburg. We started the morning with breakfast in the hotel lobby and headed out to the University of Augsburg for the morning. We also found out that we can take the 3 bus right from our hotel to the University, which makes it really convenient to go hang out with our new German friends whenever we want! At the University, we met our groups for the company presentations, which was three very sweet girls named Sophia, Christina, and Julia. The first thing I noticed when we met the German students was how good their English was. After introductions, each group worked together for about an hour on the company introduction presentations, and then we got watch everybody else’s. Even though the presentations weren’t too in-depth, it was very interesting to be introduced to the companies we would be visiting. The places I’m most excited for are Kuka and BMW. 

After all of our hard work, the German students took us to get lunch at their version of “market”, which is called Mensa. Pitt really needs to step it’s game up. Then we got a quick tour of campus. The University campus was very modern and looked high-end but gave a close community vibe. The campus tour quickly turned into a scavenger hunt in the city of Augsburg, which was my favorite part of the trip so far. 

Even in the lousy weather, the views of the city didn’t fail to amaze me. The scavenger hunt started out in Town Hall, which overlooks a large town square that resembles a small park in New York City. We got to climb all 257 steps of Perlach tower; the panting was worth it for the breathtaking views. The scavenger hunt required that we find out information about the city, such as history, locations, or just random facts, and sometimes we had to ask strangers for answers. Apperently Germans aren’t used to being appraoched by strangers. After a fun and exhausting day, the scavenger hunt ended in an authentic Bravariam brewhouse, and all the Americans got to try their first (non-alcoholic) German beers. 

From the brewhouse, we made it to dinner at an Italian restaurant called Dragone. I wasn’t entirely impressed with their food, but the atmosphere was neat as it was designed to look like an authentic Italian restaraunt. 

Finally, we made it back to the hotel and got to take about a 10 minute nap before we went back downtown to meet up with the German students and bond with them. What a day! 

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