Vung Tao (Try #2)

Today, we traveled to Vung Tao, a beach resort east of Ho Chi Minh City.  Along the way, I saw many small huts alongside the road, as well as tolls, street merchants, and yes, motorbikes.

We started the day by climbing to the top of a hill overlooking Vung Tao, where a giant statue of Jesus Christ extends to the sky.  It was incredible to see all the Vietnamese, old and young, climbing the treacherous staircase to the top of the statue, and it made me understand the faith and strength the locals have here.

After the walk down from the Jesus Statue, we made our way to the resort we would be spending the day at.  It was a luxurious place, with an infinity pool and beach front location.  Vung Tao exceeded my expectations as a resort town.  Its warm water, cool pools, and beach-side lunch made this trip one of my favorite parts of Plus 3 Vietnam so far.

I was surprised by how strong the sun was, even though Moriah warned us a ton of times to apply a lot of sunscreen, as did some of my new Vietnamese friends.  Oh well.

Overall Vung Tau was a good day away from the chaos of Ho Chi Minh City and its millions of people on motorbikes (although our bus driver had a tough time getting us to the beach since he had to fight for a lane in the road almost constantly).  I would definitely suggest this resort town to anyone who loves the beach and is in Saigon.

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