Day 7: Terra-cotta Warriors & City Wall

The start of this day was extremely early. However, it was worth waking up early for. From the hotel, we rode the bus about an hour away to visit the Terra-cotta Warriors.

When we first arrived, I couldn’t believe how many tourists were present. There were more tourists than at the Great Wall!

The warriors were a magnificent site. Rows and rows of soldiers lined the museum, each with a different facial expression, some even headless. It was mesmerizing to be able to absorb our surroundings. The history behind these warriors was also very interesting to learn about.

For lunch, we ate at the museum. The food was served in a buffet style, much fancier than any other museum I have ever been in. My favorite was the Chinese Hamburger – pulled pork stuffed between two flat breads. It was yummy!

After lunch, we stopped at the City Wall to go biking. I was worried just because I haven’t been biking in a couple of years, and the City Wall was about an eight mile bike. Luckily, riding a bike is hard to forget how to do once you have learned this skill. The weather was perfect, a slight breeze with cloudy skies. After about the sixth mile, we were all getting pretty tired though. Every corner we rounded, we would get excited to see the end in the distance, only to discover that it wasn’t the end as we got closer. Finally, we finished the eight mile bike. It felt so rewarding!

After biking, we ate dinner at a local restaurant. Dr. Li treated us to dinner that night, and I’m so grateful! Dinner was served with eight cold dishes and eight hot dishes – a tradition. This tradition also represents prosperity as eight in Chinese is lucky. The food was so good!

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