A Mesmerizing Day

Everything about Germany has been great so far.  The food has been great, the people have been great, Augsburg has been great, but today seems like it will be the day to beat for the rest of our time here.

After my usual sausage and cheese sandwich for breakfast, we took a bus to Hirschvogel where we would have our second company visit.  Hirschvogel, like Faurecia, builds certain parts for cars which are then distributed to car manufacturers.  After the presentation at Hirschvogel, we toured the various buildings at the site, which was (to my surprise) very interesting.  Just before the tour started, we saw where we were going to go by looking at a table with small buildings on it.  Of course, these buildings represented the layout of the company’s site.  On the tour, we saw KUKA robots welding metals into what would become transmissions and other car parts.  Watching the repetition was almost mesmerizing; I actually had a hard time continuing on the tour at times because I just wanted to stay and watch the machines continue to heat and weld the metal.

I eventually pulled myself away from the factory and back onto the bus.  We would then go to a town at the edge of he Alps called Oberammergau.  It took four days, but I finally had my first gelato in Germany.  Also in the town, I learned how little self-control I have when I bought a sword in a small shop.  I’m still not sure what I’ll do with a sword, but at least I have something physical to remember this day.

Later, we took a cable car to the top of a mountain, where we had an excellent view of the Alps and the town below.  After spending some time there, we rode back to Augsburg.  We once again went to Aposto, and then went back to the hotel for the night.  I got about three hours of sleep before waking up to listen to the Penguins beat the Capitals in Game 7 of the second round of the playoffs.  It was just the cherry on top of what was already a near perfect day.

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