Day 2- Class Begins

              Today we had our first chance to interact with the German students that we were paired with.  The company that I am studying while here is Faurecia.  The group that I am working with was comprised of four students from the University of Pittsburgh and three students from Germany.  The German students were very nice to us and helped us find our way around the university while we were there.  The task that we were assigned to complete today was to make a presentation outlining our companies before we visited them.  From what I have learned so far Faurecia seems like a very interesting company.  They are split up into three main divisions and tomorrow we all get the opportunity to tour one of their facilities that specializes in clean mobility.

              All of the presentations today were really nice.  The German students all spoke English very well and enjoyed talking with us.  After we were all done presenting they took us to lunch and a few of them joined us on a scavenger hunt through the city.  The scavenger hunt was a nice way to experience the city because we had to navigate through it ourselves instead of just being guided. In addition, we got to see some of the main attractions the city had to offer as well as places we could go to eat and hang out.  On the Scavenger hunt I realized that my German speaking ability was not that great.  There were multiple occasions when I would try to ask for directions from a local and they would be able to recognize immediately where I was from and would respond in English to my questions.  I found that If I started a conversation with the locals using German they were more likely to respond and be willing to help me.  Hopefully in the next two weeks I will become more fluent.SpinelloM09SpinelloM08SpinelloM07SpinelloM06

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