Day 3- Clean Mobility and Church

            Today we went and toured Faurecia. This was the first of many for our company tours.  The plant we went to specifically was one of their exhaust system manufacturing plants.  Our day started out with a discussion with a few of the employees.  I enjoyed this part because we got to see a lot about both the business side of their operations as well as the engineering side.  During the tour part of our trip we got to see more of the engineering side as well.  We saw all of their testing facilities for their parts. My favorite part was the quiet room where they went to test the sound of the exhaust system.  Everything during the company visit was very informative and now  I feel that I know much more about Faurecia and its operations.

              After this tour we had some time for lunch before going on a tour of the churches in Augsburg.  At this point the tour of the churches has been my favorite part of this trip. We saw some very old churches and learned about their history.  In the U.S. there is nothing like the churches that they have built in Europe.  Augsburg itself had been a very historically important religious city to people like Martin Luther.  After the tour we met in a building and had a discussion about religion in the U.S. with one of the tour guides as well as another teacher from Germany.  This was a very strange conversation to have because it was very open and they asked questions in very weird ways.  At one point, they even had us stand up and divide by religions and they we went through and told everybody what religion we were.  This was very strange to do in a school setting and has never happened to me in the US.   It helped to demonstrate how the Germans view things differently.SpinelloM10SpinelloM11SpinelloM12SpinelloM13

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